Using surveying to find blog topics to resonate with your audience

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Using surveying to find blog topics to resonate with your audience

Content marketing is huge, but how do you know what to write about? What topics will most resonate with your potential customers?

Most people know that researching Google search volumes can give you great ideas for blog topics, as you learn what people search for.

But you can also find blog topics by surveying your demographic and asking them what they’d want to learn most about, or what confuses them, or what they’d want to find out more than anything else.

It’s a fairly simple process:

Step 1: Create a survey to find out what your target market would want to learn about

Step 2: Get the target market to take the survey

Step 3: Use what you learn to create ideal content for your market!


Real world example #1

We did some research for a startup that provides feedback on online dating profiles, Ignite Your Match, in order to find out what guys most wanted to know. We had two main questions to ask: “If you could ask women any question about online dating, what would it be?” and “What would you want to learn how to do better with online dating?”

From these questions, we found out that more than anything, guys wanted to find out how to get a woman’s attention, and how to get them to respond in messages.

Now that we had a few questions that embodied what they wanted to learn, we surveyed women to ask those questions. This is content gold. With this information, the startup was able to create content that specifically spoke to their target customers’ curiosity and what they wanted to learn. This information could be turned into blog posts, or into a small e-book to be used as a lead magnet.


Real world example #2

Here is another real life example of this technique, when we ran surveys for a screen printing company that specifically wanted to target graphic designers with content.


Three main questions were used:

What do you find most confusing about designing for tshirts? If you haven’t done it before, what do you think would be the most confusing part?

What would you want to learn about most in regards for designing for tshirts?

Where all do you like to look for design information, ideas, or guides? Please list as many specific sites as you want.


The first two questions let us learn what the target audience would want to read about, and the third question was the really clever one, because it let us learn where they go to try to find answers like that. So not only did we learn WHAT they wanted to read, but WHERE they normally look for it. This gave the client direction in what blogs and publications to seek guest posting opportunities.

Hopefully those two examples make the process more clear, and give you an idea of how it works.


Now it’s your turn

Next time you need to come up with new blog topics, give this method a try.

Basic questions that you can ask your own audience could look something like:

What do you find most confusing about _________?

What’s the hardest thing to understand when it comes to ____________?

If you could ask an expert on ________ anything, what would your question be?

And so on.


Once you have your question set, how do you actually survey? There are a few options:


  • Create a survey at Survey Monkey or Responster and email your mailing list / customer list a link to the survey and ask them to take it. Be warned that you might have to entice them with some sort of reward in order to get a decent response rate.
  • Use a system like to get on demand feedback to your questions. Yes, we’re tooting our own horn here, but we think we provide a fantastic service, and you can choose your demographic with us if you need to.
  • Create the survey at Survey Monkey and then use their audience to take the survey. Note that their survey respondents get more expensive as you get more specific with the demographic requests.
  • Create a survey and then post to a forum full of people who will take your survey. These actually exist! Reddit has a big one called /r/SampleSize



We hope this helps. It’s a fairly straightforward process, and quite powerful.


We’ve built a tool to make this sort of surveying easier. Visit to learn more. Reach out to me at if you need any help figuring out what specific questions to ask.




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