Using Surveys To Find Concerns To Address In Your Site’s Copy

3 Min Read Being a mind reader would be incredibly helpful when it comes time to write copy for a website. But I’m not a mind reader, and neither are you.

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Last Updated: March 2022

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Being a mind reader would be incredibly helpful when it comes time to write copy for a website. But I’m not a mind reader, and neither are you. It’s important to find concerns about your service then address those concerns in your copy. This puts site visitors (IE potential customers) at rest and alleviates their worries, which helps them go ahead and pull out their wallets, sign up for your waiting list, or whatever else you’re trying to get them to do on your site. Running surveys is a great way to figure out what concerns people have when visiting your site.

Example #1

Here’s an example from some surveys we ran for Vacord Screen Printing. We asked “What are your biggest concerns about ordering custom screen printing (IE custom shirts, hoodies, tote bags, etc?)” and this gave the screen printer a LOT of ideas to include in their copy. The most common answer was some version of “I’m concerned they’d mess up” or “I’m concerned about the quality” so the printer knew to address that in their copy on the site as well as with images showing quality. Another concern was speed, so the printer made sure it was obvious how quickly orders were usually printed and shipped. By addressing these concerns up front, the screen printing site was able to increase conversion by putting the customer at ease.

Example #2

Another service that we helped was Ignite Your Match, which provides feedback on online dating profiles. The big questions that we asked in the survey were “What do you worry about most with online dating?” and “What’s the hardest thing for you with online dating?” The feedback let the startup know that getting ignored, wasting time and also not getting responses were some of the biggest complaints guys had with online dating, so they addressed that in the copy on their site. And conversion went up, because it spoke to their concerns.

What questions should I ask?

Running a survey on concerns is a bit different than running a survey directly about your website, but they both help improve conversion. Here are some sample questions that can work, just change the blanks to talk about your industry or the problem you are solving with your startup or business: What’s your biggest concern with ______? What do you worry the most about _______? What’s the hardest thing when it comes to ________? And while it’s crucial to survey about your industry or the problem your solving, including questions about your website copy can help too. Try asking questions like: Read over our page at What do we not talk about here that you would like to know more about? What is one thing that still worries you after reading about our _______ service on our site? Hopefully you get the idea. It’s hard to give very specific template questions since every use case is so different, but you may be amazed once you try this technique.

How do you run surveys like this?

Figuring out the concerns about your website’s offering so that you can address them and convince more people to sign up or order is crucial, so how do you run these types of surveys and actually figure out the concerns people would have? With, it’s easy! Submit your site for feedback and we’ll select our most relevant reviewers to make a video of your site as they go through it and talk about it. You get to choose what questions they answer about your site, so simply include a question related to concerns, like we talked about above. Ready to get started and figure out what concerns people have about your site? Visit and order feedback today. If you need help figuring out what questions to ask, just email us at and we’d be happy to help.

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